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Japanese | 【WOMEN】ANGFA Scalp-D Beaute Shampoo Moist for Woman

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【WOMEN】ANGFA Scalp-D Beaute Shampoo Moist for Woman

【WOMEN】ANGFA Scalp-D Beaute Shampoo Moist for Woman

3,900 JPY (≒ 35 USD)

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【WOMEN】ANGFA Scalp-D Beaute Shampoo Moist for Woman

ANTI-AGING SPECIALIZED CLINIC-DATA BASED TECHNOLOGY: Scalp-D Beaute Series have been developed by doctor who is specialized on anti-aging and female hormone.

MADE IN JAPAN, 6 -FREE FORMULATION, ALLERGY-TESTED. Silicone free. Petroleum-based surfactant free. Paraben-free. Artificial preservative free. Synthetic perfume free. Phenoxyethanol free. Safe for sensitive skin and also during pregnancy.

FEMALE HORMONE:THE REAL REASON FOR WOMEN HAIR LOSE: 40% of the product is infused with Original soymilk ferment filtrate, which contribute valuable moisturizing properties in order to rebalance not only scalp’s optimal moisture levels, but also female hormone to prevent hair lose radically.

RECOMMENDED FOR :drying, dehydrating scalps. Gentle yet effective to enhance moisture level for smoothing and straightening hair. Refreshing and lovely floral aroma.