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Japanese | 【SALE】Scalp-D Beaute Pure Free Eyebrow Serum

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【SALE】Scalp-D Beaute Pure Free Eyebrow Serum

【SALE】Scalp-D Beaute Pure Free Eyebrow Serum

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【SALE】Scalp-D Beaute Pure Free Eyebrow Serum

A highly enriched essense for eyebrow care, nourishing your eyebrow to give a fuller and healthier look.Focusing on hair cycle of eyebrows , several active ingredients for eyebrows are rigorously selected and formulated.A fine applicator is designed for pinpoint care of your eyebrows. It glides on smoothly and make it easier to understand the painted part with lightly colored.INGREDIENTS: AQUA (WATER), BUTYLENE GLYCOL, ALCOHOL, PENTYLENE GLYCOL, ACETYL TETRAPEPTIDE-3, OCTAPEPTIDE-2, OLIGOPEPTIDE-20, REJULINE, PYRROLIDINYL DIAMINOPYRIMIDINE OXIDE, GINSENG, SILANEDIOL SALICYLATE, RED CLOVER, DIPOTASSIUM GLYCYRRHIZINATE, TOCOPHERYL ACETATE, SOLUBLE KERATIN (WOOL), HYDROLYZED SILK PROTEIN, GLUCOSYL CERAMIDE, HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN, ALPHA-GLUCAN, DEXTRAN, ACRYLATES/ C10-30 ALKYL ACRYLATE CROSSPOLYMER, AMMONIUM POLYACRYLATE, SILVER OXIDE, PHENOXYETHANOL, CALCIUM SODIUM BOROSILICATE, KOH, IRON OXIDES.