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Angfa's Goal

Our goal is to support actualization of aging care and lifestyle of "living healthy and beautifully".


We want to provide actual 'beauty and 'health' to everyone in the world. This has been our mission since our company was founded, and we have been committed to it. We were able to embody this commitment by having a close relationship with many doctors, clinical institution, and research institution, and sending our product out to the world as a completely original doctor product. We devote ourselves every day to become the leading company of doctor products that are trusted and loved by everyone.

All for people's 'beauty' and 'health'



About Scalp-D Shampoo

Our product presents groundbreaking development in the treatment of male pattern baldness and strengthening. Scalp shampoo is designed not only to cleanse one's hair but also to keep the scalp healthy. Through researching people who have problems with hair loss or thin hair, we noticed that one of the causes of those problems was dirt brought by excessive secretion of the sebum or from scalp disorders. Scalp shampoo takes measures against those problems.

Based on medical research on ingredients that can help hair care, we found that cleaning the scalp and applying these ingredients creates the best environment for hair growth. Our research is based on 238,000 clinical case studies. The very first version of Scalp D was completed in 2005 with collaborative research by specialists in various fields and institutions of hair. The product research and the development, which is based on cutting-edge technology and medical information, has been continuing ever since. 


About Scalp-D Beaute Purefree Eyelash

'Scalp D Beaute Purefree Eyelash' focuses on hair follicle cycle for thicker and stronger eyelashes. It combines the technology and expertise of hair care cultivated in the 'Scalp D Medical' and 'Scalp D Beaute' series for 14 years, and contains 5 active ingredients, such as a peptide, to improve the condition of hair follicle cycle. New ingredients like Widelash TM make eyelashes more resilient and healthy


Location of Head Office

JP Tower 26F 2-7-2 Marunouchi,

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 100-7026